What is Splashtop XDisplay?

Brought to you by Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in instant-access computing, Splashtop XDisplay ("Extended Display") extends your desktop wirelessly to your iPad!  In seconds, you end up with a second monitor that will work beautifully side-by-side with your computer.  Get extra screen real estate with no messy wires or cables, and boost your productivity by accessing multiple programs and files at once.

Using the iPad as a screen extender can serve several purposes.  For instance:

  • Fill your iPad screen with widgets, folder shortcuts, an IM buddy list, Skype, Twitter, Photoshop palettes, and other utility apps.
  • Display one screen to the audience while reading notes from the hidden iPad screen.
  • View spreadsheets across monitors so that all columns can be seen without scrolling.
  • Park background entertainment windows such as Netflix, Hulu, or social games (FarmVille) on the iPad while working.
  • Edit an HTML page on one monitor while viewing the rendered web page on the iPad.
  • Play Flash movies and videos on your iPad in bed or on the couch and avoid the hassle of transferring or converting.

To get started, just:

  1.     Download and install Splashtop Streamer onto your PC or Mac.
  2.     Download and install Splashtop XDisplay onto the iPad.
  3.     Launch Splashtop XDisplay.



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