How to view your iPad/Android tablet as a third monitor or as a extended monitor without a physical video port?

Please install a virtual driver on your target computer to reach the requirement to:

  1. View your iPad as a third monitor to your system. (Which means you already have a secondary monitor physically plugged.)
  2. Use Extended Wireless Display 2 to build remote connections even there is only one physical display on your system.


Please follow steps below to install virtual driver for Extended Wireless Display 2:

  1. Install Streamer for Windows v2.5.5.x or later version on your target computer.
  2. Please go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server\Driver\STVideo" to install driver (Please right click on the install file and select "Run as administrator" before installing):
    a. Please run install.bat on Windows Vista or XP system.
    b. Please run installWin7.bat on Windows 7 32 bits system.
    c. Please run installWin7_64.bat on Windows 7 64 bits system.
  3. Reboot your computer.
  4. Build remote connection with Extended Wireless Display 2, it should work.



  1. The feature triggered by installing virtual driver supports both Extended Wireless Display 2 and XDisplay.
  2. Windows 8 or later version OS is not supported yet.
  3. Mac OS is not supported yet.
  4. It is just a beta feature, and the driver might crash your Streamer or computer, if encountering so, please go to Control Panel-> Device Manager-> Display adapters to remove Splashtop Virtual Video then restart your computer.

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    I'd be great to know how to stop Splashtop from dragging and messing up all my desktop shortcuts into the mobile device screen.  It leaves a mess behind every time.  

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    Hi Albavasquez,


    Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to save the desktop icons position.

    First, re-arrange your icons the way you want them, then follow these steps:

    a.    Right click on Desktop and click on View

    b.    Uncheck “auto-arrange icons”

    c.    Uncheck “Align icons to grid”


    Log off and log on to windows. You’ll see the position of the desktop icons unaltered.


    To restore it back, just reverse the process by checking those items.

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    Nik Karbaum

    The method described in this article works like a charm; Thumps up for that! I am however running into problems when I'm using the streamer together with a programm called "f.lux" (from their website:  [f.lux] makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.). My screens (the physical ones) refresh like second or so and everytime this happens, I can see the brightness of the screen transition from the orange-ish color from f.lux back to the normal white. (This happens very fast and looks more like some sort of flickering). It's really annoying and makes my whole setup basically unuseable. I would be great if this could be fixed in future versions

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    Before using this method my devices( iMac with win7 64 bit and ipad with ios 7.1.2 ) are failed to connect each other.  After I installed virtual driver they worked in mirror display, not extended desktop.  I tried "Win key(Command key)"+P to extend but no use.  Did I lost some important steps? thanks.

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    Adam Garrison
    Are Windows 8 or 10 supported yet? I found another post that said that Windows Vista/XP support was in the works, but that was 4 years ago, and now it seems more logical to work toward supporting current operating systems. I have a couple Windows 7 machines (and a Vista machine and one XP machine that are still limping along on three legs), but the one I use most often is running Windows 8, and I'm planning on upgrading it to Windows 10 in the imminent future. I can't justify purchasing the app if I can't use it with Windows 8 or 10.
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    How in the world do I build a remote connection with Extended Wireless Display 2?

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