Why do I get a "compatibility issue" warning message?

This message means your system has a compatibility conflict with Splashtop XDisplay.  There are two possible causes for this message:


1.  Your operating system is not Windows 7.

Splashtop XDisplay currently only supports the Windows 7 operating system.  We are now working on support for other operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac.  If you are using one of these other systems, please check back often for news about future upgrades.


2.  You don’t have an extra video display output available on your computer, so you get a warning message like this:



This version of Splashtop XDisplay requires a spare video display output (such as VGA, DVI or HDMI) on your computer.  Your situation may fall into one of three cases:

I.   Another monitor is already attached to your computer.  You can try to detach that extra monitor so that Splashtop XDisplay will function normally.

II.   Your computer "thinks" that another monitor is attached to it.  Please open the Windows display settings panel (right-click in an empty area of your desktop, then select "Screen resolution" from the right-click menu). 

If you see more than one display in the panel, please try the following steps:

1)  Click on display #2.

2)  Select "Show desktop only on 1" in the Multiple Displays drop-down menu.



3)  Click the Apply button.

4)  In the dialog box shown below, click the Keep changes button.



5)  Click on display #2 again.

6)  Select "Remove this display" from the Multiple Displays drop-down menu.



7)  Click the Apply button.

note.gif  NOTE:  If there are still other displays, please repeat the seven steps listed above.

8)  Try to connect through Splashtop XDisplay again.


splashtop-bullet.png  If neither solution I nor solution II above worked for you, then you are the third case:

III.   Your computer doesn’t have an extra video display output.  The single output is already in use for your main monitor.  This might happen on some desktop computers.  Unfortunately, this first version of Splashtop XDisplay cannot support devices with only one video display output.  But we are working on this right now, and will try to remove this restriction as soon as we can.  Please stay tuned for future upgrades, as each release will contain more improvements.

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