Why don't I see the Splashtop Streamer tray icon in the Status Bar?

An icon for Splashtop Streamer   Streamer-tray-icon-gray-24.png  is placed in the Status Bar as part of the installation process.  If you do not see it in the Status Bar after installation, then try clicking on the arrow button arrow-button-to-open-status-bar-menu.png in your system's Status Bar to open a menu of "hidden" icons.


When you hover the mouse pointer over the  Streamer-tray-icon-gray-24.png  icon, the current status of Splashtop Streamer will be displayed.  If running, the IP address(es) will be displayed.

Clicking on the Streamer-tray-icon-gray-24.png  icon will open the five-tab Splashtop Streamer setup dialog box.



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